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Based on the letter I received from Amazon.com and the information I’ve read on the Performance Marketing Association website, this is going to happen – and happen soon This has happened. Etax laws, or so-called nexus laws state that if a business operates in a state then they must collect sales tax in that state. Operations include affiliates, so to avoid collecting taxes companies such as Amazon.com and Overstock.com cancel their affiliate programs in nexus law states.

While I make a decent income from other affiliate programs, it’s only recently that I’ve taken an interest in making money with Amazon. I get a lot of questions from clients about making passive income online, and Amazon.com is a great way to start as it’s easy to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program, and Amazon sales conversion rates are generally very good. That means that a high percentage of the traffic that you send to Amazon will buy a product resulting in YOU getting a commission – and this is largely because people trust Amazon and are comfortable…

I think it’s about time that I reveal one of the ways that I (and many others) make money online, and that’s with product reviews. What exactly does a product review consist of, and how can you use a product review to make online sales? FYI, Product = anything that you have to pay for, so it can include services and experiences as well as tangible products.