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How to Make Money with Amazon

While I make a decent income from other affiliate programs, it’s only recently that I’ve taken an interest in making money with Amazon.

I get a lot of questions from clients about making passive income online, and Amazon.com is a great way to start as it’s easy to sign up for the Amazon Affiliate program, and Amazon sales conversion rates are generally very good.

That means that a high percentage of the traffic that you send to Amazon will buy a product resulting in YOU getting a commission – and this is largely because people trust Amazon and are comfortable purchasing from them.

First a disclaimer – while I’ve made money with Amazon, I am by no means an Amazon.com super affiliate. I’m going to show you how I’ve made Amazon sales thus far, but this is just my experience and your mileage may vary.

Amazon.com General Sales Principles

First of all, it’s important that you understand the basics of online sales. This is really critical stuff. The easiest way to make a sale online is to target people who are looking for more information about a product or service.

Sounds like a no-brainer, right? The reason I spell this out is because a lot of people get frustrated and give up on making affiliate sales because they’re not targeting buyers with their content.

For example, If you write about a vacation you took with the hopes of selling luggage through the Amazon affiliate program you’re unlikely to make any sales. If, however, you write a positive and constructive review of the luggage you purchased from Amazon you’re MUCH more like to make sales.

This is because the person who reads your travel log is very different from the person who reads your luggage review. One is looking for a quick escape in the form of armchair travel, and the other is shopping for luggage. Make sense?

How to target Buyers

The most obvious way to target buyers is by using the format: [Product Name] Review, replacing Product Name with a product. ‘Makita BSS611Z Review’ for example if I had a woodworking or tool blog and liked that particular Makita Circular Saw. This works for anything.

hyrdoponicsupplies-greenhobbitThe second thing you can do is what I did on GreenHobbit.com recently, and that’s target a more generic buying keyword. The post I wrote is entitled: How to Find Discount Hydroponics Supplies, and the keyword I’m targeting is ‘Discount Hydroponics Supplies’.

I think it’s safe to assume that someone looking for Discount Hydroponics Supplies is looking to buy something – I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

It certainly would have been safer to write a post about a specific product, or even to write a tutorial that explains how to put a hydroponics system together with links to each of the products, but in this case I wanted to target entry-level hydroponics gardeners and point out that most of the stuff they need is available through Amazon.com.

The key here is that I’m targeting people who are looking to buy something, and if you stick to targeting buying keywords you’ll make sales even if your sales copy isn’t that great.

Add Value!

The other thing you want to do is add some value! Don’t just regurgitate what you read on Amazon.

It’s preferable that you own and have had experience with the product and write a REAL review. Short of that you can do what I did on GreenHobbit – and that’s help people who are looking for something, in this case inexpensive (discount) products.

By doing the homework for those people, I’ve put together a list of highly-reviewed products that are relatively inexpensive. There’s a good chance that people looking for Discount Hydroponics Supplies will find my list useful – or at least useful enough to click over to Amazon.com which will result in sales (and money) for me.

SEO Your Amazon Posts

Make sure to use your keyword or product name (if it’s the keyword) in your post title, url, meta description and so on. Don’t make the mistake of naming the post: ‘A great circular saw that I use’, as no-one is searching for that!

Also make sure to use your keyword several times on the page, and follow all the other SEO rules that I’ve outlined here.

Getting organic traffic is the same whether for an Amazon.com product review or any other keyword that you’re targeting.

Keys to Success with Amazon


  • The more products you sell, the higher a percentage of each sale Amazon.com pays you. This is retroactive and paid out over the course of a month, so it makes sense to sell more items if you can!
  • The key to selling more items is to push some items that are more expensive, and some that are less expensive. Inexpensive stuff tends to have higher conversion rates, so by selling more cheap stuff you end up making more money on your higher cost sales.
  • Only push products that are at least 4 stars! This is really important as poor reviews will decimate your conversion rate.
  • Target more popular products by going to a category and then looking at top sellers. Top Sellers almost always are 4star+ items, and tend to have more search volume too.
  • Don’t expect to get paid quickly – Amazon takes their time when it comes to payment, and only pays you (or rather me) once a month.


Making money with Amazon is really all about connecting buyers with products that they’re going to feel comfortable buying. Give it a shot and you’ll be collecting your first Amazon check before you know it!

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