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GreenGeeks Web Hosting Review

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Hi, and welcome to my GreenGeeks Hosting Review. I recently purchased a Green Geeks Hosting account myself and I’ve setup several WordPress websites on it.

I’ve also transferred websites to GreenGeeks for 5 of my clients, and have contacted Green Geeks tech support on many occasions for various reasons. I’ll detail my experiences for better and for worse below.

My Green Geeks Review

GreenGeeks hosting has been excellent so far. I signed up my first client a month ago, and started my own account 2 weeks ago. I’ve been very impressed, both with the performance of the websites and the customer service & tech support that I’ve received.

Is GreenGeeks a good value?

The basic hosting package is advertised at $4.95/mo and includes unlimited everything – unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space, unlimited email accounts, unlimited websites, etc.. It also includes 1 free domain which saves you around $12/year.

This is actually less expensive than a comparable Hostgator account, which is advertised at over $6/mo as I write this. Hostgator’s ‘Hatchling’ plan is slightly less expensive, but only allows for one website per account.

Bluehost offers a similar hosting plan for a similar price – $4.95/mo – but only if you find and use the correct link. If you go straight to the Bluehost site they advertise $6.95/mo. Either way I found Bluehost lacking in both performance and service.

Considering that GreenGeeks also includes a ‘free’ domain which saves you $12/year ($1/month off in effect), I’d say GG is a very good value when compared to its’ competitors.

Note that as with all hosts, GreenGeeks costs less when you buy more hosting up front. In other words, to get the $4.95/mo price you have to purchase 3 years worth of web hosting. Assuming you’re planning to keep your website for a while, it makes sense to prepay for 3 years of hosting, but you also have the option to purchase one or two years instead. You can still use the $30-off coupon too.

What’s Included?

GreenGeeks uses cPanel, by far the best hosting control panel in my opinion.

Everything is fairly standard on the GreenGeeks cPanel with one major difference. GG includes the excellent Softaculous Apps Autoinstaller.

For those familiar with Fantastico, Softaculous is very similar. One major difference is that you can select the web app you’d like to install right from the cPanel menu which is nice. At a glance it appears that Softaculous supports more apps than any auto installer I’ve used, but to be honest I rarely install anything other than WordPress, so I can’t be sure.

Other than that, it’s the same old outstanding cPanel. Easy to setup email accounts, subdomains, addon domains, etc… If you’ve read my other hosting reviews you know that I’m a fan of cPanel and have yet to find a good alternative. Both Godaddy and Network Solutions fail big time in this department in my opinion.

GreenGeeks Customer Service

I’ve contacted GreenGeeks customer service & support several times, and have come away very impressed each time.

The first time it was because my client’s website wasn’t resolving correctly to GreenGeeks servers. I contacted support and they quickly noticed something that I hadn’t – my client spelled his domain incorrectly when he signed up. Green Geeks fixed this issue on their end in less than 5 minutes. Outstanding!

The second issue was also with a client website. The IP address assigned to my client’s website was unfortunately on an email blacklist. That means that some hosts automatically block emails from my clients email addresses.

On one hand I think GreenGeeks should check all of their IP addresses on a regular basis to make sure that none of them are being abused.

On the other hand, the blacklist may have just happened, and GreenGeeks acted quickly to resolve the issue and get the blacklist removed.

Either way, this wasn’t a deal breaker and regardless of where you host your website it’s a good idea to make sure that your IP isn’t on a blacklist either. You can check blacklist status here for free: http://www.mxtoolbox.com

GreenGeeks Performance Testing

I’ve tested both my website and several of my clients websites that they host. I use http://tools.pingdom.com to test website speed. One of my client’s sites – http://custom-division.com (no, I didn’t design it) tests at 79/100 which is faster than 84% of tested websites. I’d say that’s very solid.

Final Thoughts

Hosting is at it’s best when you don’t notice it at all. So far GreenGeeks has been excellent. My websites are fast and my uptime has been 100%. If that changes for any reason I’ll let you all know, but so far so good.

I definitely recommend that you give GreenGeeks hosting a try. It’s nice that they invest in green energy, but more than that they’re an excellent hosting company!

Make sure to use my coupon: RK30 – to save $30 when you sign up. I also appreciate you using my link (pause adblock and refresh if invisible):

→ Visit GreenGeeks.com

Disclaimer – This is an affiliate link. If you found my review useful, I appreciate it if you use my link to try out their service, as they pay me a referral fee. Make sure to use my coupon code: RK30 to save extra on your order.

Why did I purchase a second hosting account?

While I use a Hostgator VPS to host most of my websites (including this one), there are times when it makes sense to have a separate hosting account. Here are 3 good reasons why:

SEO – If you host all of your websites on the same hosting account, then trust me when I say that Google and other search engines know it. It’s relatively easy to see all the websites that are hosted on the same server or the same IP address. Backlinks from websites on the same IP are probably mostly ignored by the search engines, so if you have several strong sites and want to benefit from some of your own link juice, then it makes sense to place those sites on different hosting accounts at different hosts.

Hosting accounts have limits – Shared hosting accounts (the really inexpensive ones) usually claim to be unlimited, but there’s a reason why large companies pay a lot more than $5.99/month to host. Shared hosting is unlimited . . to a point. Shared hosting works like the Gym industry – if everyone used it to it’s full potential it would have to cost a lot more. It’s typical for a host to put 2000 websites on a single shared IP! Long story short, if you’re getting somewhere in the 500 visits a day range across several websites, it’s time to move a couple of those sites onto a new host.

Redundancy – It’s relatively easy to duplicate your websites across another hosting account. If for some reason your main host has a catastrophic failure, you can simply change the DNS at your registrar and your site will be back online in no time.

Try GreenGeeks Hosting

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