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Design Your Site With Purpose!

I’ll get to your website shortly, but first things first – how much effort do you put into designing your life? This is a tough question for most of us to answer, because we all know that we’re supposed to put effort into designing the ‘perfect’ life, and yet most of us let life happen and spend more time reacting to life instead.

I don’t mean this as a judgement, but rather as an observation. It’s much easier to react, to deal with the here and now, and to take care of issues as they arrive. Planning ahead requires a lot of work!

Design Your Site

The very nature of building a website requires some planning of course, but if you want to build a website that has purpose and that “works”, it requires much more than that.

Countless businesses built websites during the past 15 years because they heard that you need to have a website to be competitive and because being online was the thing to do. After having a website live for a couple months they realized that their site did nothing and accomplishes nothing and they ignore it, and are convinced that the internet is a waste of time.

This is kind of like saying that planning your life is a waste of time when you’ve always lived in reaction. Those business owners were reacting to what they read in a magazine or heard from another business owner. They got their site built and live without thinking about what they were trying to accomplish with their site!

Don’t make the same mistake. The internet is a literal goldmine, however you need to have the right pickaxe to harvest the gold, and in this case that’s a website that’s designed with both forethought and purpose.

Keep These 4 things in Mind to Create a Site With Purpose

1 – What is Your Website Trying to Accomplish? This is the most important part of the planning process. If you’re trying to build an extensive mailing list, then your websites primary function is to get people to sign up for that list. Make sure that the signup box is in a prominent place and includes a compelling offer!

If you’re trying to generate leads for your off-line business, then your site should be geared to getting your customers to contact you – weather by phone or email. Again, make sure you have a compelling offer and prominent contact information placement.

2 – Your Site Must Have A Compelling Offer! It’s surprisingly difficult to get people browsing your website to take action. If you want to give yourself the best chance of turning a site visitor into a customer, you must have a compelling offer. This could be a “free 10-minute phone consultation” if you offer a service, or a free video, or even a free chapter of your new book. One way or another, make it compelling!

3 – Don’t Have Your Site Try to Do Too Much. The average site visitor will be on your website for a minute or two at most. If you’re trying to accomplish more than one or two things, then you’re going to accomplish nothing. Keep it simple!

4 – Offer Your Visitors Value! This applies primarily to blogs and online stores, and is critically important – even more so than having a compelling offer. If you consistently offer your site visitors value then your site visitors will continue to visit your site and will become loyal customers. This is how Amazon.com became the monster it is today, and how make money online gurus like Shoemoney and John Chow have become so popular. They consistently offer excellent value to their site visitors!

If you keep these 4 things in mind when building your website, you’ll be much more likely to find success. Oh, and putting some thought into your life plan while you’re at it doesn’t hurt!

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